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15 September 11

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18 November 09

Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Winter is an especially important time for any gardener to get a head-start and prepare for the months to come. The cold air and lack of sunlight can do serious damage to plants and garden life like impede growth or kill them.

So it’s a good idea to understand that what you’re up against isn’t the Big Bad Wolf, but merely a few months to plan for and work through, until spring comes around and you have your beautiful garden back.

Unless, of course, you live in Wisconsin and winter has lasted six years. In that case, might I suggest a nice, big, coat?

Here are a few things to put on your list for the upcoming season:

•    Raised Garden Beds – an aesthetically pleasing way to garden, raised garden beds lift your intended gardening area off the natural ground to allow for greater moisture saturation because of reduced compaction. This reducing allows the soil to stay warmer than ground soil after wintry seasons
•    Protector Tents – if you already have your garden in place, covering it with a protector tent is an inexpensive way to go about saving your plants. Protector tents form a complete barrier to protect against frost, harsh weather, and unwanted pests. The also help to effectively warm soil to promote early seed germination and faster plant growth.
•    Garden Cloche – if your gardening experiences is a little more subtle, and enjoy just a few well placed items here and there, a garden cloche is more what you’re looking for. These globed structures provide a secure perimeter to shelter seedlings from frost and harsh winds.

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